About Me

Why hello there.

It’s nice to meet you! My name is Ruby and I like books. I don’t know if you could tell by my blog name but yeah reading is literally THE BEST.

I do hope your eyeballs don’t get tired whilst you’re here but I wish you the best.

You may also be wondering if I have any other things I like to do besides read and watch tv & movies? Wait I didn’t tell you about that yet did I? Movies and TV are (again) literally THE BEST. Anyway, off topic I aspire to be a filmmaker and can you guess what kind of movies I want to make? Book adaptations! What?!! #original

So i like fantasy, specifically urban fantasy but also contemporary. I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Shadowhunters, The Raven Boys, Six of Crows & Eliza & Her Monsters (random I know but like that book is amazing). Also my favourite writing style is from Rainbow Rowell plus I ADORE all those other authors mentioned above.

I love pizza. And chocolate. NEED I SAY MORE??

I try to be funny but my attempts are pretty poor…

I truly hope you have a lovely time and enjoy fangirling with me because what else is life meant for?

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Feel free to pop me an email – rubyraereads@gmail.com

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